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It’s been a rainy day here, so I thought I’d dig up some rainy photos from the travel archives – a trip we took last year to the national parks around Seattle. A few highlights of our trip:



A short post today on something fun and inspiring that I recently discovered (and something outdoorsy you can still do even this late in the year) – sunset viewing on Wachusett Mountain. I’m a big believer in seeing as many sunrises and sunsets as I can. Since I’m not the world’s best morning person, the sunrise part is tricky. But sunsets are something that I am pretty good about seeing. Here are the details on this one. Drive to Wachusett Mountain State Reservation (about an hour or so from Boston). Park at the base of the auto road, walk to the other parking lot (the one near the Visitor Center) and take the Bicentennial Trail/Pine Hill Trail less than a mile up to the summit. There’s an observation tower that you can climb up for even better views. Hang out for a gorgeous sunset, then descend the way you came. The trail down was actually not too dark for us, but if you’re unsure you can use your iPhone flashlight (or bring your own flashlights). A great end-of-weekend activity – we went on a late Sunday afternoon and it was very calming and beautiful. Enjoy!!





Some images from a home tour that I photographed this summer with Boston Globe Magazine and designer Melissa Miranda. Melissa and her husband completely renovated an old carriage house in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston. The end result is an bright, airy house with lots of neutrals, texture, and stunning gold accents. The most dramatic transformation of the first floor was the addition of the sunroom, the perfect antidote for a New England climate where it’s winter for six months out of the year. As you can see, the cats wholeheartedly approved of our photo shoot, and loved getting in the picture wherever they could.


I finally had the chance to cross something off my New England bucket list about a month ago. Dan and I took the Balmy Days boat from Boothbay Harbor and visited Monhegan Island. Monhegan is roughly 10 miles off the coast of Maine, about an hour and a half by boat from Boothbay Harbor. The reason that people visit? The gorgeous scenery. Coastlines with rocks tumbling into the ocean and a forest in the middle of it all. There are trails all over the island. You can see a trail map here, but be sure to buy one when you are there to support the locals (that live there year-round!). In the time that you have there with the boat schedule, it may be tough to walk the entire island. We ended up doing half of it. A few tips:

  • It can be a rough ride on the boat if you get seasick. Pack the Dramamine! Poor Dan suffered on the way there but we bought some at a convenient store on the island.
  • The convenience store on the island sells sandwiches that you can take with you on your hike. When you hit Main Street, make a right and it’s on the road to the Church.
  • If you want to hit Monhegan Brewing Company for a microbrew after your hike, hike the lower portion of the island clock-wise, and you’ll end up at Lobster Cove Road where the brewing company is located. (We skipped this as we figured that post-seasickness and microbrews didn’t quite mix.)
  • We hiked the lower portion of the island counter-clockwise, doing the hiking first and then ending up at the Lighthouse and Museum last, which was worth a quick trip.