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I’ve been lucking out with the work spaces lately, this time by Steve Santosuosso of Squarehouse Studios at Pluck PR on Newbury Street in Boston. Sidenote: we all know that spaces really aren’t this neat in everyday life. And we photoshop things like cords to computers. (I mean, in that first photo, how is the computer even working without a plug? It’s a mystery). That’s just how photoshoots are, but it’s fun to live in the world of make-believe sometimes.


I wouldn’t have the guts to make everything white but Kaylyn’s space is just sooooo dreamy. For a busy floral studio, it is also amazingly organized, having a separate work/computer area, a couch to sit and have meetings at, wooden tables to make arrangements and bouquets, and a shelf with all of her floral containers neatly organized. I had the pleasure of spending the morning with her, photographing her studio (1956 Blooms) for Design Sponge and The Heavenly. Scroll to see more! To see our feature on Design Sponge, click here.





What happens when you have too many client photos to edit – it takes you over four months to edit your own vacation photos. :) This trip was from back in mid-October, we flew into the Las Vegas airport, drove immediately to Death Valley National Park for a few days (it’s only about two hours or so), then drove to Joshua Tree National Park in Southern California for a few days, then rounded out the trip with Palm Springs and the area surrounding it. These are mostly scenic desert photos, because the landscape is so stunningly overwhelming, I just couldn’t stop shooting it. A few useful facts that I learned:

  • You’d figure the best landscape views are (of course) sunrise and sunset. But surprisingly, the most people are out in the parks in the middle of the day. So sunrise and sunset gave us the best light, but also the least crowds!
  • Since I’m an animal nut, when we were in Joshua Tree, I used Instagram to figure out where we could see wildlife. I’d check the tags of different hikes or park locations and see what other people had seen and where animals have been. As a result, we were able to spot a family of bighorn sheep on one hike, and a jack rabbit on another. (I feel like this would be especially useful in bigger parks.)
  • I saw my first tarantula in the wild! Yes, they are gigantic and hairy, but I read that they are harmless so I wasn’t freaking out (though I still didn’t want to get too close).