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This Northampton shoot was pretty much my dream home. Streamlined and modern with light and views everywhere, you practically feel like you are living outdoors. Knowing how mosquitos love me during the summer months, I’d also spend all that time on the screened-in porch. Thanks to Eva and Fred for letting us into their home! (Shot for Boston Globe Magazine and styling by Shannon Tate Interiors.)


Has been a roller-coaster of a summer lately with nonstop shooting and making deadlines, moving my studio, and trying to fit in some personal time with family and friends. I finally have a breather and can catch up, so here’s two photos from Fourth of July weekend that just really felt like summer to me – a short hike up on West Rattlesnake in New Hampshire for a quick peek at Squam Lake, and the beginning of the fireworks that I caught in Lincoln, MA. Stay tuned for more interior and lifestyle work!




I’ve been lucking out with the work spaces lately, this time by Steve Santosuosso of Squarehouse Studios at Pluck PR on Newbury Street in Boston. Sidenote: we all know that spaces really aren’t this neat in everyday life. And we photoshop things like cords to computers. (I mean, in that first photo, how is the computer even working without a plug? It’s a mystery). That’s just how photoshoots are, but it’s fun to live in the world of make-believe sometimes.


I wouldn’t have the guts to make everything white but Kaylyn’s space is just sooooo dreamy. For a busy floral studio, it is also amazingly organized, having a separate work/computer area, a couch to sit and have meetings at, wooden tables to make arrangements and bouquets, and a shelf with all of her floral containers neatly organized. I had the pleasure of spending the morning with her, photographing her studio (1956 Blooms) for Design Sponge and The Heavenly. Scroll to see more! To see our feature on Design Sponge, click here.