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Sometimes you can see something in nature that is so grand, it is a completely humbling experience. Such was the case when Dan and I visited Iguazu Falls. On the border between Argentina and Brazil, Iguazu is the widest stretch of waterfalls in the world. The entire length of falls is almost two miles long, and it’s surrounded by a lush tropical ecosystem. We ended up on the Brazil side on a day that a severe storm came through. Luckily we were through the falls by the time this happened! But we were in them when the wind started to pick up and the skies clouded over, making a very humbling experience even more surreal.

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I met Jill courtesy of the Boston Design Salon, a group of hugely talented woman designers in the area who get together on a regular basis. Her work is as bold and colorful as her sparkling personality. I was in awe at the studio that she shares with her husband, Lawrence McRae, also a ceramicist. Walking into the space, you could just feel the creative energy flowing. From the beautiful work on display, to the pieces that were drawn on and yet to be painted, to the painting that her sidekick Ichiko was hard at work doing, it was all a visual feast. For more of Jill’s work, see her site here and her Etsy store here.

I am still saddened by the events yesterday in Boston. My mind can’t come to grips with the fact that there are hateful people in this world who want to destroy other people’s happiness and lives. So I am trying to focus on the ways that everyone in this town is coming together. The city is tighter than ever, and the outpouring of shared feelings of grief, compassion and community is overwhelming. People have been donating blood and having vigils. Raising money for the families of the victims. Planning walks together in a show of solidarity. In some of the darkest times, we have the brightest moments of humanity. And this is the solace that we can take with us as we face the future.



Being an amateur baker, I’m always impressed at how easy professional bakers can make things look. A few weeks ago, Meredith from the Artisan Bake Shop gave me a demonstration in how to make French macarons. She managed to whip up a batch so quickly! It was something that, if I would have attempted it, would have taken me an entire afternoon. I think for now I’ll stick with easier things like muffins. ;)

  • Wedding Dessert Photos with the Artisan Bake Shop | Joyelle West Photography | Boston Wedding Photographer - […] I had a blast a few weeks ago hanging out with the women from The Artisan Bake Shop – Meredith, Jody, Janessa, and Tabitha – and photographing their Cinco de Mayo themed desserts. I love the colors! And the polka-dots on the cake are fantastic! This is a little nudge to my brides to use more color on their wedding day. :) Check out The Artisan Bake Shop for all the wonderful desserts and goodies that they have to offer. To see more behind-the-scenes work of Meredith whipping up a batch of those incredibly cute French macarons, see the baking post on my personal blog here. […]ReplyCancel