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I hadn’t been to the Mass Moca in years, but I was shooting out in the Berkshires this fall, and took time to see the whole museum. I adore its gritty, industrial, modern feel. The exhibit of wall drawings by Sol LeWitt is amazing. It’s an installation that’s there until 2033, so really, you don’t have an excuse not to get there. :) I especially loved the way that the natural light spilled from the large windows onto the floor, adding to the experience of being surrounded by blocks of color and light. Xu Bing’s Phoenix, a giant steel sculptural exhibit that you walk under, was also amazing to behold. I highly recommend checking out the museum next time you are in western Massachusetts or southern Vermont!

This summer Dan and I spent a week in Montana, visiting best friends who are more like family. Bozeman is a foodie town, and we ate our hearts out in its many restaurants, and managed to squeeze in a microwbrew or two. Then we drove to Glacier National Park and burned off those calories by hiking in the park. Highlights of Glacier included some of us being crazy enough to jump into the lakes there (they’re made of runoff from the glaciers, so even in mid-summer they are ffffreezing), and seeing a grizzly – which was WAY too close for comfort, and definitely a holy-bleep moment.

In this first half of summer I feel as if I’ve been in a state of continuous motion, metaphorically speaking, so I felt like this image was appropriate. Sitting and doing nothing is really not me, though I always aspire to have one of those summer afternoons where I do nothing but drink iced tea and read in my backyard. Even if I don’t get to that point, I’m looking forward to a slightly more calmer second half. (Images taken with Portra 400 on my Ricoh GR1V.)

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