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It’s the official start of summer! So I’m revisiting some photos from last summer’s vacation when we spent a few days in Norway then a few days in Copenhagen (you can see the Copenhagen part of the trip here). I highly recommend the famous Norway in a Nutshell trip on the fjords! It makes it so easy to get out on the fjords and make the most of your day. The town of Bergen is absolutely charming and a must-see. Culture, museums, restaurants, and some fun local hikes as well. And if you don’t want to hike, you can still take a tram to the top of their mountain! Or you can take it up then walk down. Finally, the Preikestolen hike (Pulpit Rock) is a bit of a drive to get to, but was completely worth it. It’s a moderate hike with stunning views – go as early as possible to avoid the crowds! We were on our way down the mountain by midmorning and we were running into a mass of people on their way up.




  • Hannah Cochran - WOW! Norway looks incredible. ‘mI definitely going one day. I love the shot of the side of the mountain and all the people there for the view.


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