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Red Rock Country (and getting out of New England in winter)

For those of you who are self-employed, you know that the busiest times of year tend to be right before you go on vacation. I’ve been shooting and editing like a maniac lately, of course since I’ll be away soon. One of the best times of year for me to get out of New England is the very end of winter, when you are just so done with it.

So in celebration of getting out of New England in March, here’s a throwback to a trip this time last year in the red rock country of Utah. This was our second time there with friends, and both times we had a blast. This time we tackled a few hikes in Zion that we hadn’t done last time (Observation Point, Hidden Canyon, and the Canyon Overlook Trail), as well as added a few new ones in the areas surrounding Kanab. We missed out on the lottery for a permit to hike The Wave, but instead hiked the incredible canyons of Buckskin Gulch and Wire Pass. We also had a few rainy days where venturing into the canyons would have been dangerous, so instead we opted for a waterfall trail (Calf Creek Falls in Grand Escalante) because rain usually equals great waterfall viewing! We also made another rainy day pitstop at the Coral Pink Sand Dunes right outside Kanab. If you’ve never been to red rock country, I highly recommend it! There are things to see and do for all abilities levels, and you leave feeling completely awe-inspired by nature.


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