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Sunset Viewing in Massachusetts

A short post today on something fun and inspiring that I recently discovered (and something outdoorsy you can still do even this late in the year) – sunset viewing on Wachusett Mountain. I’m a big believer in seeing as many sunrises and sunsets as I can. Since I’m not the world’s best morning person, the sunrise part is tricky. But sunsets are something that I am pretty good about seeing. Here are the details on this one. Drive to Wachusett Mountain State Reservation (about an hour or so from Boston). Park at the base of the auto road, walk to the other parking lot (the one near the Visitor Center) and take the Bicentennial Trail/Pine Hill Trail¬†less than a mile up to the summit. There’s an observation tower that you can climb up for even better views. Hang out for a gorgeous sunset, then descend the way you came. The trail down was actually not too dark for us, but if you’re unsure you can use your iPhone flashlight (or bring your own flashlights). A great end-of-weekend activity – we went on a late Sunday afternoon and it was very calming and beautiful. Enjoy!!





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