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More Snow Photos (this time in New England)

Full disclosure, I have started to become obsessed with my new iPhone. I held off getting one for so long, and I had no space left, so I had to delete a photo just to take a photo on the old phone. Not a great situation for a photographer to be in. So now with my new phone, I’ve been obsessed with taking photos. I was on a hike last weekend in the White Mountains and only took the phone, so these are all taken with it and processed with VSCO. We hiked Mount Crawford, a fun hike that was supposed to be easy, but with the snow it ended up being more of a workout than we expected. There were such great views on the way up, until the very top when we were supposed to see Mount Washington, and all we saw the snow squall coming in. But that just meant that we got to hike back down with big fat flurries flying around us, which was insanely fun.


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